Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the duck is the high-profile ingredients, this road is a French orange sauce duck dinner on election ah!
French people love to eat duck in a few Western countries were on, but to taste the delicious French duck, orange sauce duck (Canard à la bigarade) should definitely be at the top. This channel presentation and flavor of French roast duck is very alien is gorgeous, so delicate orange flavor sauce filled with festive atmosphere. Judged according to the tastes of the Chinese people, their acceptance should be higher: Chinese roast duck and the common color of honey to taste, and the dish is boiled with a caramel orange sauce, similar to the production process is also shorter than the Chinese-style roast duck .
Western using citrus and other fruits with fatty meat a long time, dating back to the medieval Middle East area. Citrus and other fruits in the acid and the role of fat in the meat will have a special flavor to dishes are also easy to digest . This matches the examples in many countries and cultures are common, such as pork with apple sauce, goose with cherry sauce, salmon with lemon, there is the dish of duck with orange sauce.
Duck orange sauce is a traditional French dishes, some French recipes whole collection will be included. According to first see the chopsticks dish test text in the nineteenth century, now widely circulated, and many places have their own version, the English name of the dish is the Duck With Orange Sauce. Today we have to interpret the French version of the common .
Materials used in addition to Grand Marnier liquor are unusual and easy to get outside. Produced in France, Grand Marnier, Cognac is brandy (Cognac) and citrus extract prepared from the sweet, 40 degrees, mid-range in Europe is a common dessert wine. If the poor in the country to buy ordinary brandy can be used instead, because the ingredients in the orange peel and orange juice taste already provided a very strong, and can appropriately increase the amount of sugar substitutes to make up for the lack of common brandy powdered sugar.

Tender duck a, about 1.5-2 kg
Orange 2
White wine vinegar ( white wine vinegar ) or apple cider vinegar ( apple cidar vinegar ) 90 mL
100 grams of sugar
French Orange liquor Grand Marnier 120 ml ( if there is no available brandy replacement, but the sugar to increase 20 grams )
Watercress ( watercress ) used for decoration.
Black pepper, salt
1 duck fat removal, go head and wing tip. With a fork on a skin prick holes, with benefit tasty, roasted oil also easy elimination. With black pepper and salt rub duck inside and outside:
. with plastic film covering, put in a refrigerator for one day.
3 from the fridge, poured out duck cavity fluid, placed in a deep pan frame, covered with aluminum foil, preheat the oven to 300F / 150C, and bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes
4 duck roast process can prepare the sauce. The orange skin thin plane, shred, then orange juice extruder spare
5 sugar and vinegar into the thick bottom pot, fire, without stirring, until sugar coking light brown to orange juice, slowly pour in. Pay attention to start boiling pot orange juice will fall, go away, do not burn. After mixing evenly into the wine and orange zest for several minutes, slightly thickened into:
6 ducks 1.5 hours after the end of the low temperature baking heat oven to 400F / 200C, remove the duck covered with aluminum foil, every other period of time will be cooked evenly pour in the sauce duck, 3-4. At this temperature the grilled 30-40 minutes into. ( with the fork duck leg, if the outflow of SAP clear was ripe )


We are small, or that human beings from ancient times, probably instinctively love the transparent pure objects – such as Crystal.
To build on the ancient Chinese imperial palaces, mostly for decorative crystal to crystal agate for the device, that beautiful and noble, general literary praise but also his best at nothing to describe this “water wizard” beauty, form a “map objects with color , with empty table “,” flawless victory Yumei, to clean off Bingqing “and numerous Quotes.
Be looking to the West, those secretive story wearing a black cloak sitting in shabby tent telling witch, are essential props is an infinite energy of the crystal ball of his mouth, considerable in the past, can glimpse the future, no doubt to the crystal Mongolia on a layer of mystery. For the fairy tale, with sparkling crystal made ​​of one pair of shoes, has become a guiding direction of true happiness fairy thing.
Now, I would like Aetna and fortune carries this gem made ​​of one moon cake, glow will be able to see through the crystal filling. Perhaps even more seems a solidification time of the amber, but this time I want it to taste with the blessing from freezing, the whole family reunion in the coming days, passed to you.
Formula (15 quantity)

Dew powder: 65g

Pure water: 450g

Powdered sugar: 460g

Quick sweet potato filling: 150g

Production process

1, the first pure water into the pot, heat to boil.

2, add the powdered sugar in a mix, and then boil.

3, the dew powder into 2

4, the three continue to heat to boil for about 15 minutes.

5, will be poured into molds to do the 4 1 / 2 full.

6, to be solidified after 5, add 10g sweet potatoes in the middle of fast filling.

7, into 6 to 4 to full.

To clean Bingqing reunion 鈥 Chan Yu Ning г halogen

8, to be completely solidified after 7 to stripping.


Signs Melody steak: the “signs” always deeply rooted superstition, like the steak in front of colorful, not to eat into the stomach has been able to feel the taste of the kind of charming. Just waiting topped with sauce, cut the subtle curvature of knife and fork, a small entrance, delicate texture accompanied by fragrant, people do not consciously shut our eyes and sigh, enjoy your fingertips.

Blue Mountain coffee: pure coffee brewed with the current system, this process has been a strong aroma nostrils. The hot air floating fairy indistinct, with a seductive atmosphere, deep rich color, mellow flavor fragrance, creamy and delicate taste.

Red beans Shuangpinai: white and smooth, rich aroma, sour milk, eggs, enough to taste, the smell of rich milk reminiscent of the broad boundless prairie, the entrance of creamy, delicate taste, each has a sip the taste of happiness.

Fresh orange juice tune: freshly squeezed orange juice, taste fresh, rich in vitamins, meal consumption have lower cholesterol, break down fat, greasy solution effectiveness.

Taro Gold Ball: I nutritious taro, color, smell and taste, and was man-made king of vegetables. This dish is just right to master the furnace to prevent the loss of nutrients, color orange, mouth-watering.

Fruit salad: a comprehensive nutrient-rich, colorful, fragrant and sweet, crisp taste, after eating salad in the staple food, in order to remove residual taste buds of the residue.

Meal package: Although the package is a simple meal, but you can also see production’s intentions. The skin was crispy baked bread smell is its head, with sweet sauce, flavored thick.
Link to this article:Romantic steak

I love prawns, from palm-sized shrimp, Shrimps to the size of a thumbnail, I would like to eat them only one a fun 鈥 Chan Jiangsu cuisine classic crispy fried shrimp that is absolutely not genetic, on the contrary, far from me mother. In the eyes of my mother, shrimp is the most tasteless things, in my eyes, different species of shrimp have different approaches children, children do not eat the same can be varied and can Qianzi Baiwei …
For the love of people and things, no matter how will be like for like food, is the same reason. As the prawns, boiled light, spicy fun, rich tomato sauce, wine unique, delicious scrambled eggs … do whatever I like. Shrimp shrimp is constant, changing the practice, but you can taste the metamorphosis of one hundred kinds of food wonderful, and perhaps this is it enjoyable to eat them was a necessary one forklift truck
Jiangsu cuisine classic crispy fried shrimp
A wide variety of shrimp, calcium is not only high quality goods, but also a great brain puzzle ingredients. Fried shrimp Jiangsu cuisine is one of the classic dishes, it is said, is the most famous fried shrimp, Hangzhou, folk known as “do not eat fried shrimp to Hangzhou, the same as not to Hangzhou,” saying that both sell or taste have no doubt add a touch of bright colors for the table.
Fried shrimp through the bright red color, Hongyan crunchy, and shrimp ambiguous. Gently into the mouth, touch off, touch the tip of the tongue immediately be extremely fresh shrimp, salty sweet, unique flavor, a one, eat up Kaka sounds, really is not an ordinary fun. The students love wine, this time again a small cup of wine, that is like an immortal, and Yoshiya
Ingredients: Shrimp 500g
Ingredients: diced green onion, 20g, 20g ginger
Spices: white wine 25g, sugar 25g, the amount of MSG, salt
1. The shrimp to the head, to be, wash water control;
2 pot pour boiling oil;
3 will be dealing with a good fried shrimp into the pot;
4 deep fry shrimp and shrimp can be separated, remove and drain the oil;
Experience to share:
1. Be sure to deal with water and then dried shrimp pot fried control system in order to avoid blasting pot burns;
2 fried shrimp should not be too long time, shrimp and shrimp can be separated in order to maintain the crisp taste of a moderate;
3 fried shrimp, the base oil should not be too much, because shrimp have been fried, will not absorb the oil;
4 Shrimp remaining oil can be used for cooking other dishes, add flavor.

Ingredients: 12 eggs, clam 2 onion 1 ginger 2
Sauce: fish sauce 1 teaspoon (5ml) soy sauce 1 teaspoon (5ml) vinegar 1 / 2 teaspoon (3ml) sesame oil 1 / 4 teaspoon (1ml) cold water (1.5 times the eggs)
Report Top Review: Spanish onion fried clams seafood paella nutrition pepper explosion Clam Miso clams Dictyophora Longjing scrambled eggs fried eggs, mushroom soup
Lobster sauce, poached eggs, fried tomatoes Lachao energy egg soup tomato pie filling eggs, egg noodles onion tomato and egg soup, scrambled eggs
1) Soak clams in salt water into the light for 30 minutes, the sand spit to the body clean, then carefully washed with a small brush shell clams and rinse with water
Clean. To clean the clams into the boiling water pot, cook until all clams open, remove the shell.
2) eggs beaten egg, add water (let cool completely in cold water), the amount of water is about 1.5 times the egg, cut a small onion very fine alternative.
3) screening will lay the egg, not to filter out part of the throw, Piediao egg surface of the bubble.
4) placed at a slight depth of the clam plate, pour the egg mixture (egg not fully cover the clams, clams, about 1 / 3 can), insurance cover
Fresh film.
5) After the water in the steamer, turn into a small fire, into the egg of the plate filled with clams, cover and steam for 15 minutes.
6) After a good steaming, into the fish sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sprinkle with scallions at the end, mix well.
Super long-winded:
** As with steamed clams are shelled, so be sure to thoroughly wash the surface clean and clams. If you still do not trust it, it will remove the cooked clam shell, leaving only the clam meat into the egg mixture, is the taste the same, but not so good-looking finished product.
** Clams do not open your mouth at the same time, if the fear will become old clam meat, remove at any time as long as like opening clams.
** Join the egg in cool water is best to complete the cold water, if no time, then, pure water can be added directly.
** This step is critical sifting egg, steamed out of the custard to make a smooth surface.
** Because the clams are placed in the plate to the best little depth can be used, the bottom of the flat plate, the other, a plate of egg not too much, otherwise it is not easy steamed.
** You can use clam clams, Clam, clams, etc., according to their personal preferences it.
** Add vinegar or not, depends on personal preference, do not like you can hold.


I like the sober and elegant colors, especially green, elegant, green can make impetuous heart was quiet, and can continue to inspire people up, filled with motivation. Because I like green, it is particularly desirable small barracks, every time I saw television clips about camp life, handsome men wearing green uniforms, ladies wear soft in the strip, is full of infinite yearning. But this longing is never able to do so, the most vital military experience or college, it was a stay in the heart of the best memories.

Growing up, growing strong beauty of the heart, began to enjoy the green accessories such as scarves, bracelets, Jade is fascinated of, emerald green water with its delicate and transparent texture, so I am engaged.

LG out socializing and more time to eat delicious food or innovative, and I say today will come back to eat what food, what seems to use seasonings and the like. I am out of interest, will try to make their own listening. Today’s jade shrimp is eaten out after her husband has been obsessed, shrimp wrap with spinach juice, frying, and delicious. I did try several times, each time separation of shrimp and spinach, and later, in a file inadvertently gourmet chefs to teach state-level programs that make this dish, and quickly write down, a very successful day of practice, shrimp and spinach juice can be combined so perfectly. The reason is when I make spinach approach a problem, I have been directly spinach juice, will be used to filter what pickled shrimp or shrimp marinated with residue, and the correct way is to use chlorophyll preserved wrapped shrimp, this dish is the key to success.

So, how to properly extract the chlorophyll? Extracting chlorophyll to pay attention to what point it?

First: spinach boiled water first to get rid of spinach contains oxalic acid.

Second: spinach juice after filtration, to ensure that extraction of chlorophyll used in the most delicate spinach sauce.

Third: To extract the true chlorophyll, spinach juice to go through heat treatment.

Fourth: The furnace heating spinach juice is very important to the fire and cook until spinach juice to float at the surface of floating foam piecemeal heat, the heating process of spinach juice can not let the pot boil, foam floating on top of the float is the most pure chlorophyll, write out gently with a spoon into the bowl.

Busy recently, occasionally flashed this idea, the blog pause. But every morning when busy in the kitchen, still will often pick up the camera to take some food, I do not like this person to do things right drag, things like the day of completion of the day, the same is true of the recipestoms blog. Sometimes other friends have a look at inventory, you can slowly update, and he kept that thought, how can all feel a little strange, in my opinion, not to take things day finishing well, flies on their day incomplete.
For today’s dish, it’s still the morning to do, Shanxi Shanxi Province region famous dish – Braised chicken. Braised Chicken, also known as “faint chicken stew,” is Jiaqing years Jingle Song Weixiang private chef created the dish has been nearly 200 years of history. Because of its unique flavor, has become a Jingle and the Northern Shanxi area wide spread tradition Mingyaohui.
Braised chicken ingredients are used in a whole chicken, chicken chop production method is 8, beheaded chopped into four, two each chop 8, left middle chop 2. Soak chicken in cold water first 3 to 5 minutes, then boiled with water, remove and drain water. Heat the sesame oil, add chicken, dried until the water burst, with star anise, pepper, orange peel, Amomum, nutmeg, Atractylodes, galangal, cinnamon, white wine and salt, fry sixty-seven mature, add wine about cooking, poured into containers, add a little broth, steamed on the steamer, when the buckle into the soup pot food, to shaping, the decanting of the original soup to pick all the deployed material, wok lit, hook into the flour thickening, water Serve the chicken on. I only chicken wings at home, so I made a dish with chicken wings, flavoring and not so much at home to put something on there.
Speaking Braised chicken origin, and Jingle Long adults about historical and cultural celebrities. Vision Long Luan adults named Lee] [1751 – 1817, Zibo declared, the word Fung Shee, Shek agriculture, Jingle five Chuang, his pet name for the “Longer.” Official of his life, achievements are striking, but also erudite, poetic name far and wide, because the royal family taught his disciples, and their descendants have dubbed him “the dragon adults.”
“Long adults,” Professor for many years in the palace, there to enjoy it more than imperial cuisine. Because of repeated promotions, out tour, traveled half of China, it is more than a taste of food around the name. Jiaqing eight years (AD 1803), he was dismissed from office by impeachment, exile Urumqi, Xinjiang area. Jiaqing fourteen years (AD 1809), because his father death, was pardoned home mourning. In mourning, he is once again spot Tianzhu, Prince Edward Temple, roaming in the Fen (river), grinding (River) between two rivers, wrote a lot of poems. Day off even to the West Park Hotel forint spring. Encounter childhood acquaintance Song Weixiang chef, two Xutan absence of love, chat local custom. Long adults for many years Huanyou old friends about his experiences, but also official said after the strike can not be loyal to the country, nothing of depressed mood, when to noon, Song on the master side of his well-cooked meat dish Levin, in honor of Long adults. Including a chicken, the color yellow red, fragrant smell. Duizhuo two laugh, long touted the large adults eating chicken, and asked why the name? Lao Song smiled and said: I recently figured it out this dish, also named children have not given it too! Otherwise they do not drift off according to your music all day, helping of chicken stew called faint! Long adults kept saying: so delicious, without the name, should be called Braised chicken. At this time, the dragon adults to the mood, Mangxiang Old Song answered with three glasses of wine, and claim ink to write “civil delicious Braised Chicken” Seven Words. Since then, the forint Springs Park, business is booming, the customer door, Braised chicken from spread to the region in Shanxi Province.

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How to Choice vegetables

1.See color: a variety of vegetable varieties have the inherent color, shiny, show maturity and fresh vegetables degree.
2.Smell smell: Most vegetables have a fragrance, Camsing fragrant, sweet and sour smell of incense, etc., should not smell of corruption and other odors.
3.Taste the taste: the taste of most vegetables Gan light, sweet and sour, fresh and delicious, a small number of bitter, bitter taste special.
4.To see patterns: the majority of the state with fresh vegetables, if listless wilt, dry, damage, discoloration, disease, pests, erosion, compared with abnormal morphology. Vegetables as well as the use of artificial hormones material, grow into deformity. (With bug eyes and silymarin not the same as pollution-free vegetables, and some pesticide residues is higher.)



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