4 elements of the chlorophyll extracted correctly – Jade Shrimp

Posted on: August 12, 2011

I like the sober and elegant colors, especially green, elegant, green can make impetuous heart was quiet, and can continue to inspire people up, filled with motivation. Because I like green, it is particularly desirable small barracks, every time I saw television clips about camp life, handsome men wearing green uniforms, ladies wear soft in the strip, is full of infinite yearning. But this longing is never able to do so, the most vital military experience or college, it was a stay in the heart of the best memories.

Growing up, growing strong beauty of the heart, began to enjoy the green accessories such as scarves, bracelets, Jade is fascinated of, emerald green water with its delicate and transparent texture, so I am engaged.

LG out socializing and more time to eat delicious food or innovative, and I say today will come back to eat what food, what seems to use seasonings and the like. I am out of interest, will try to make their own listening. Today’s jade shrimp is eaten out after her husband has been obsessed, shrimp wrap with spinach juice, frying, and delicious. I did try several times, each time separation of shrimp and spinach, and later, in a file inadvertently gourmet chefs to teach state-level programs that make this dish, and quickly write down, a very successful day of practice, shrimp and spinach juice can be combined so perfectly. The reason is when I make spinach approach a problem, I have been directly spinach juice, will be used to filter what pickled shrimp or shrimp marinated with residue, and the correct way is to use chlorophyll preserved wrapped shrimp, this dish is the key to success.

So, how to properly extract the chlorophyll? Extracting chlorophyll to pay attention to what point it?

First: spinach boiled water first to get rid of spinach contains oxalic acid.

Second: spinach juice after filtration, to ensure that extraction of chlorophyll used in the most delicate spinach sauce.

Third: To extract the true chlorophyll, spinach juice to go through heat treatment.

Fourth: The furnace heating spinach juice is very important to the fire and cook until spinach juice to float at the surface of floating foam piecemeal heat, the heating process of spinach juice can not let the pot boil, foam floating on top of the float is the most pure chlorophyll, write out gently with a spoon into the bowl.


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