Sugar moon cake heart

Posted on: August 23, 2011

We are small, or that human beings from ancient times, probably instinctively love the transparent pure objects – such as Crystal.
To build on the ancient Chinese imperial palaces, mostly for decorative crystal to crystal agate for the device, that beautiful and noble, general literary praise but also his best at nothing to describe this “water wizard” beauty, form a “map objects with color , with empty table “,” flawless victory Yumei, to clean off Bingqing “and numerous Quotes.
Be looking to the West, those secretive story wearing a black cloak sitting in shabby tent telling witch, are essential props is an infinite energy of the crystal ball of his mouth, considerable in the past, can glimpse the future, no doubt to the crystal Mongolia on a layer of mystery. For the fairy tale, with sparkling crystal made ​​of one pair of shoes, has become a guiding direction of true happiness fairy thing.
Now, I would like Aetna and fortune carries this gem made ​​of one moon cake, glow will be able to see through the crystal filling. Perhaps even more seems a solidification time of the amber, but this time I want it to taste with the blessing from freezing, the whole family reunion in the coming days, passed to you.
Formula (15 quantity)

Dew powder: 65g

Pure water: 450g

Powdered sugar: 460g

Quick sweet potato filling: 150g

Production process

1, the first pure water into the pot, heat to boil.

2, add the powdered sugar in a mix, and then boil.

3, the dew powder into 2

4, the three continue to heat to boil for about 15 minutes.

5, will be poured into molds to do the 4 1 / 2 full.

6, to be solidified after 5, add 10g sweet potatoes in the middle of fast filling.

7, into 6 to 4 to full.

To clean Bingqing reunion 鈥 Chan Yu Ning г halogen

8, to be completely solidified after 7 to stripping.


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